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art/terre ?

Presentation of art/terre

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art/terre is a biannual international event where the focus is on original artistic works in which earth is a key component : earth has to be the basis for the work and/or the theme. art/terre is a cultural event deeply rooted in the economic life of Comines-Warneton (Belgium). Clay has been extracted, baked, moulded and glazed for centuries now, in an area along the meandering Lys River, between Warneton and Ploegsteert. Providing work for 400 people, the brick industry is an extremely important aspect of the Comine economy. It has also shaped the landscape in the area around the brickworks : the enormous pits that were created to extract the clay have been turned into fishing venues over time or nature reserves covering several hectares. Against this background, the Comines-Warneton Arts Centre was eager to make a contribution by launching a biennial event to pay tribute to this raw material, to an economic activity and the thousands of individuals who have depended on and still depend on this material for a living. art/terre has built up a reputation over the years for providing opportunities for interaction : interactivity between the participating artists, on the one side, and between the artists and the general public on the other. The earth theme acts as a medium for drawing the public’s attention to contemporary art, offering people the keys to a good understanding of the artists’ work. This is a precondition for achieving the sought-after aim of promoting a rewarding exchange of experiences between the general public and artists. art/terre 2012 is the 10th such event focused on this theme so closely identified with the Comines-Warneton area.

Photographs : Francis BRYSSE, 1996

Centre culturel MJC de Comines-Warneton
rue des Arts, 2 à 7780 Comines-Warneton